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    226001 - Fun with 2's and You

    Children develop social skills and learn to play cooperatively in this class. Each class children will enjoy participating in an art activity, songs, stories and play time.

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    Add to Cart226001-AFun with 2's and You04/05/17- 05/10/17 9:30A- 10:15AWWillow Recreation$30/$3321 months to 3 yearsAvailableItem Details

    226014 - Friday Fundays

    Fridays are fundays! This class is a perfect opportunity to add another fun preschool day into your week! Children will participate in a variety of activities in the learning centers, including singing, playing in the gym daily and bringing home an art activity! This class is designed for current preschoolers who want to add another preschool day or for children not enrolled in preschool who want a day of fun! Instructor: Lynn Wendland.

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    Add to Cart226014-AFriday Fundays04/07/17- 05/12/17 9:30A- 11:30AFTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$77/$853 years to under 6 yearsAvailableItem Details

    226023 - Kid Rock

    At Kid Rock, it's always a musical day! Kid Rock is a multi-faceted music and movement program that focuses on song and dance, rhythm and rhyme, imaginative play, fine and gross motor skills, and following directions. Instruments and props include hand bells, maracas, tambourines, scarves, bean bags, parachute play and much more! New curriculum presented each session. Parents participate for more fun and learning. This year the Kid Rock program is proud to be celebrating its 20-year anniversary!

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    Read Notice226023-AKid Rock04/06/17- 05/25/1710:15A- 10:55AThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$80/$882 years to under 4 yearsFullItem Details

    226024 - Mini Chefs

    Mix one cup of creativity, one cup of instruction and two cups of fun, and you've got mini chefs. This class teaches children simple recipes so they can help out in the kitchen. Kitchen safety tips are emphasized. On the last day of class kids take home a recipe book filled with all their delicious experiments.

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    Read Notice226024-AMini Chefs04/05/17- 05/10/1711:45A- 1:00PWTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$60/$663 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details

    226041 - Books come Alive!

    Each week children will travel into "storybook land" by reading a classic children's book. Children will expand on the ideas of the book by creating an art project, singing songs, participating in fingerplays and through creative movement. Enrich a child's mind through books. Different books are covered each session. Children enrolled in Willow class should bring their own lunch; class time includes lunch time. Instructor: Monique LiPetri (TC) & Dilnaaz Rustomji (WRC)

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    Read Notice226041-ABooks come Alive!04/06/17- 05/11/1711:45A- 12:45PThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$39/$433 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details
    Read Notice226041-BBooks come Alive!04/05/17- 05/10/1711:45A- 1:15PWWillow Recreation$58/$643 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details

    226056 - Little Scientists

    Come and explore the world of science! In this hands-on science class, children will test out a variety of experiments, make predictions, and discover cause and effect. Preschoolers will investigate a different scientific topic each week. Instructor: Monique LiPetri

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    Read Notice226056-ALittle Scientists04/07/17- 05/19/1711:45A- 12:45PFTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$36/$403 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details

    226061 - Lunch Bunch

    This program is offered to children in the morning preschool classes or any other new friends! Bring a sack lunch and stay at school for an extra hour-and-a-half! Songs, stories, crafts and games will all be incorporated into the fun. Play with friends, make new friends, and give mom or dad a little more time at home!

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    Add to Cart226061-ALunch Bunch TC04/03/17- 05/08/1711:45A- 1:15PMTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$58/$643 years to under 6 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Read Notice226061-BLunch Bunch WRC04/03/17- 05/08/1711:45A- 1:15PMWillow Recreation$58/$643 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details

    226065 - Sticky Fingers

    Playdough, silly putty and "clean mud" are just a few of the soft, squishy concoctions we will be making and playing with in this hands on class. The children will help follow a recipe to create gooey mixtures out of everyday, household ingredients like flour, liquid soap, salt, water and even glue. Math and science concepts will be incorporated as we count and measure ingredients and watch one form of matter transform into another!! Please wear clothes that can get messy or bring a smock. Come join the sticky fun!

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    Read Notice226065-ASticky Fingers04/04/17- 05/09/1711:45A- 12:45PTuTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$43/$473 years to under 6 yearsFullItem Details
    Add to Cart226065-BSticky Fingers04/06/17- 05/11/1711:45A- 1:15PThWillow Recreation$65/$713 years to under 6 yearsAvailableItem Details

    226309 - Little Learners

    In this parent-child class, children will enjoy a variety of art projects, learning activities, stories and songs. Children will develop their socialization skills in this classroom setting with the comfort of a parent/guardian by their side. Instructor: Ms. Monique

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    Read Notice226309-ALittle Learners04/07/17- 05/12/1710:15A- 11:00AFTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$30/$332 years to 3 years 6 monthsFullItem Details

    226315 - Tots Playtime

    Parents and toddlers take time out to play through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. Each class begins with creative arts and craft projects, songs or stories. Then we move on to open playtime in the gym with balls, hoops, & mats. Children must be able to walk. All equipment is provided. Instructor: Asiya Syed.

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    Add to Cart226315-ATots Playtime04/06/17- 05/11/17 9:30A- 10:30AThWillow Recreation$39/$4318 months to under 4 yearsAvailableItem Details

    226323 - Tot Rock

    226323 - Tot Rock

    Musical fun for everyone! Tot Rock is a unique combination of music and movement, sensory stimulation and socialization. Tot Rock provides structured and unstructured time for tots to improve fine motor skills and coordination, and work on newly-acquired gross motor skills. Activities involve a variety of manipulatives, including maracas, tambourines, bean bags, bubbles, parachute play and much more! New curriculum presented each session.

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    Add to Cart226323-ATot Rock04/06/17- 05/25/17 9:30A- 10:10AThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$80/$881 year to 2 yearsAvailableItem Details

    235101 - Ready for Kindergarten Camp

    Is your child ready for Kindergarten? In this fun summer camp, children will participate in academic activities to continue their learning over the summer. Daily activities will include a science experiment, a math activity, and literacy/language developmental activities. Learning can be fun over the summer too! Children should bring their own lunch every day.

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    Add to Cart235101-AReady for Kindergrtn06/05/17- 06/14/17 9:30A- 1:30PM, WWillow Recreation$78/$864 years 6 months to 6 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart235101-BReady for Kindergrtn06/19/17- 06/28/17 9:30A- 1:30PM, WWillow Recreation$78/$864 years 6 months to 6 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart235101-CReady for Kindergrtn07/05/17- 07/12/17 9:30A- 1:30PM, WWillow Recreation$59/$654 years 6 months to 6 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart235101-DReady for Kindergrtn07/17/17- 07/26/17 9:30A- 1:30PM, WWillow Recreation$78/$864 years 6 months to 6 yearsAvailableItem Details

    236366 - Tot Spot 2's Camp

    Two year olds can go to camp! In this parent-child camp, children will be able to enjoy the camp experience too! This camp includes crafts, stories, songs and indoor & outdoor play. Children can gain socialization skills with the comfort of a parent/caregiver beside them.

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    Add to Cart236366-ATot Spot 2's Camp06/06/17- 06/15/17 9:30A- 10:30ATu, ThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$30/$3321 months to 3 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart236366-BTot Spot 2's Camp06/20/17- 06/29/17 9:30A- 10:30ATu, ThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$30/$3321 months to 3 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart236366-CTot Spot 2's Camp07/06/17- 07/13/17 9:30A- 10:30ATu, ThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$23/$2521 months to 3 yearsAvailableItem Details
    Add to Cart236366-DTot Spot 2's Camp07/18/17- 07/27/17 9:30A- 10:30ATu, ThTriphahn Cnt & Ice A$30/$3321 months to 3 yearsAvailableItem Details
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